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July 19, 2011
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July 30, 2011

big thanks to all my first day Pledgers!

wowweeeee!  in 24 hours of my PledgeMusic campaign we’ve already reached 17% of our goal towards finishing my new record!  and some fun exclusives were pledged on too, from name in credits to acoustic guitar with lyrics handwritten on it to the cat toy collection. (one of my personal faves 🙂 )

ginormous thank you to everyone who pledged on opening day!:

Esther Klarenbeek, J Lynn Stapleton, Jean DiGiovanna, Lisa Hovasse, Paul Schreiber, Peter Malek, Bryce Boltjes, Tracy Stapleton, Dan O’Sullivan, Virginia Oxford, Sam’s Salsa, Jayce Varden, Rick Rehder, John P. Leed, Jr., Ira Miller, Kathy Kennedy, Lawrence Montgomery, Keith Appleby, Carol Laymon, Mandy Monge, Laura England, Gordon Mayer, Calvin On, Neil Graham, Jason Kim, Jennifer Sutherland, Erich Escarpe, Brian Honda, Krystal Jones, Katherine Yeung, Breanna Goldsmith, Gail Lewis, Remy J….you guys are amazing!

keep retweeting, facebook posting, and telling your friends, and if you haven’t seen my video or campaign yet, click below.

this record is going to happen because of you!  xoxo,